Monday, November 10, 2014

Happy Halloween

This year, my mom made Elsa and Anna dresses for the girls to wear on Halloween. They were pretty much the best looking sisters from Arendelle of all the neighborhood! We had mostly middle-schoolers come by our house. Up here, the townships tell you the exact hours (and sometimes even changes the day) that kids can be out to trick-or-treat. I find that rather strange. 

Royalty, black cat and bull.

Queen Elsa

Princess Anna

The girls had a few of their friends over for dinner and trick-or-treating, which included a little duckling, a poisonous dart frog, firefighter and a Ninja Turtle. 

Callie's 2nd Birthday Week

My mom and older sister came up to NJ to visit us the week of Callie's 2nd birthday. Unfortunately, the weather was cold and rainy all week up until Callie's birthday. But, we still managed to get around the area.

The Fudge Shoppe in Flemington. So yummy!

The Teaberry Tea Room in Flemington. We came for an early birthday celebration, but I think Olivia enjoyed it more.

The tea room offered a mini tea set for each of the girls to play with, and even high chairs for their dolls.

On her actual birthday, we took Callie and my mom to visit Main St. Clinton. We love the Red Mill.

Taken in front of our house. 

I love our view behind us, and these crazy girls even more!

Happy Birthday, Callie!

Callie is a very happy baby! She is so energetic and loud the moment her feet touch the floor in the morning (and sometimes when it's way too early and before mommy gets her coffee). She loves her sister with hugs and kisses on her cheek. Callie imitates Olivia all of the time and wants to do everything a big girl does. Besides always catching a cold, we are thankful that she is a very healthy little girl (maybe not so little...she is 96% in height!). She really understands a lot of what's going on around her,and is super smart. She loves to play outside and really loves to push her boundaries! Callie eats pretty much anything but spaghetti (strange, I know). Changing in and out of clothes is one of her most favorite things to do. She still makes friends anywhere she goes, and loves to take off her hair clips & shoes everywhere! She is a sweet gift from God, and has a heart for Him. And that is what's most important.

The day after Callie's birthday, my family left and we all drove over to Jim Thorpe, Penn. This little past coal mining town is so picturesque, sort of like the little towns that surround the Alps in Europe. Every weekend, there are several train rides that take you along scenic routes of the Appalachian Trail and Susquehana River in Lehigh Vally area. We took the 45-minute round trip ride. We'll definitely come back for the Polar Express ride at Christmas-time! 

More Fall Fun

The colors of fall in New Jersey have been indescribable! One Saturday in October, we set out on a road-trip up to northern Warren and Sussex counties to view the fall foliage. 

Fall in our own backyard

And front yard, before my mums withered away!

Corn maze at Heaven Hill Farm

Martin style of tailgating. Lunch before continuing our road trip.

Stokes State Forest. Magnificent!

This is the road leading up to Sunrise Mountain. I think I wanted to stop every two feet to get pictures. Luckily, they allowed you to stop on the right-hand side on this one-way road.

We took our crazies out of the van. Callie always takes her shoes off in the car.

A scenic turn-out on the way up the mountain. 

Delaware River and Pennsylvania in the distance.

Here we are on the second scenic turn out up the mountain.

This is my every day.

Callie has no fear!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Trip to Washington, DC and Enjoying the Fall

Ethan often has to go to Fairfax, Virginia for work, and we finally were able to tag along with him at the beginning of September. Fairfax is only 25 minutes away from Washington, DC, so while Ethan worked on Monday and Tuesday, the Girls and I were able to explore the area on our own. But, we did get a lot of family time on Sat, Sun and Wednesday before heading home. 

An afternoon visit to the National Mall on Sunday.

On Monday, we visited my friend Cathy and her kids who live in Alexandria, VA. It was so nice to see the kiddos growing up so fast. We also loved having a house full of toys to play with, since hotel-living is all too great.

On Tuesday, the Girls and I visited the Natural History Museum full of dinosaurs, butterflies and children's play exhibits. Our favorite part was seeing all of the jewels from dynasties past - Olivia loved seeing the beautiful tiaras that princesses and queens wore.

On our way home Wednesday, we stopped at the Air and Space Museum at Dulles Airport. It was so cool to see the huge space shuttle Discovery in and even larger hangar. The museum had a wonderful interactive story time for the kids. Too bad we're not flying into space anymore. 

Ethan loved this museum.


Fall in New Jersey
Olivia's school, Good Shepherd Christian Preschool, had their annual field trip to the West Portal Pumpkin Patch. It made me very nervous to send O on a school bus....but to my surprise it's very normal up here. Olivia is still in a 5-point harness child seat, for crying out loud! I don't think this idea would ever cross the mind of any preschool director in Houston. After not sending Olivia on her field trip last year, I succumbed and let her go this year. It was all fine....I tailgated the bus the entire way there!

Olivia helping her little sis through the hay maze.

O stands for ostrich (egg)! And Olivia....

I immediately regretted going into the corn maze with Callie....we got lost!


This weekend, we visited Mackey's Orchard in Holland Township, about 15 minutes away from home. We purchased two empty 5-lb bags and headed up the hill on a hay-ride to the orchard. Many varieties were available, and we were lucky to get mostly honeycrisp sweet and yummy!

Daddy was so sweet teaching the Girls how to pick the apples. 

Apples fresh off the branch!

After the ride back down the hill, we all enjoyed their playground, bakery (apple cider donuts!) and pumpkin ice cream. I wish I'd taken a picture of their famous 6-lb, mile-high apple pie!

Next up, fall foliage and Callie's 2nd birthday!

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